Half/Whole Beef Deposit

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Order you beef in bulk and save per pound.  Appointments are scheduled year-round, so plan to fill your freezer with high quality beef at your convenience! 

A Half order is typically between 210-270 pounds of cut/wrapped meat, and a Whole order is typically between 420-540 pounds, though some may be a little heavier and some a little lighter.  Price is $4.50 per pound of Carcass weight. 

(Carcasses are typically 720-900 pounds, so on average a whole will cost between $3,200-$4,050, and a Half is typically $1,600-$2,000.  This brings your total overall cost to roughly $7.40-8.20 per pound in your freezer (depending on cutting specifications), which is an extremely economical option!)

We will discuss the cutout sheets with you prior to the butcher date, to allow you the freedom to customize all of your own cuts. 

This deposit initiates your order. Once final hanging weight is determined, the remaining balance will be invoiced to the customer. Beef Deposits are non-refundable.